Jane Fonda’s Go-To Breakfast Is Charmingly Relatable

But there's one ingredient she never adds.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

Perhaps you’re familiar with Jane Fonda as the witty Grace in the hit Netflix show “Grace and Frankie.” Or maybe you know her as the fitness fiend behind a popular series of 1980s workout videos. (Ahh, the VHS days!). But it turns out, the 86-years-young actor and activist is a huge food fan, too.

This wasn’t always the case, though. Fonda opened up to the "Los Angeles Times" in 1996 about how she fell back in love with food after a daunting battle with bulimia. “I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to eat a meal, enjoy it, and not feel bad about it,” Fonda told the newspaper.

To celebrate food—and share it with others—Fonda released a cookbook in 1996 called "Cooking for Healthy Living," featuring 120 recipes from Fonda and her pal and personal chef Karen Averitt. That book was just the beginning. These days, Fonda admits that she is a huge fan of the food-focused travel show, "Somebody Feed Phil," and her favorite meals and snacks (as well as the way she lights up while enjoying them) show up every so often on her Instagram account.

The topic of Fonda’s favorite foods occasionally comes up in television interviews, including one from a few years ago with Stephen Colbert. Fonda stuck around after filming segments for “Late Night with Stephen Colbert” from her home to take part The Colbert Questionert.

For the uninitiated, the team at “The Late Show" designed this 15-question quiz to help fans get to know the show’s guests to the core. We often walk away believing that “Celebrities, they’re just like us!” sentiment to be true, and this certainly was the case when Colbert asked Fonda our favorite question of all: “What is the best sandwich?”

Jane Fonda's Favorite Breakfast Sandwich

Fonda paused for a moment to consider, then chimed in with her confident answer: “Breakfast burrito. Hold the potatoes. Soft yolks, bacon, avocado,” Fonda said, all tucked inside a flour tortilla.

"That’s a quality answer,” Colbert responded.

This tiptoes very close to the heated “Is a taco a sandwich?” debate. However, we’re firm believers that a breakfast burrito qualifies as a breakfast sandwich… and a top-notch and delightfully down-home and relatable one at that.

We think Fonda would be quite fond of Chef John’s Crispy Rolled Breakfast Burrito, which includes bacon, eggs, avocado, and cheese, as long as it took her advice of “hold the potatoes.”

Our Avocado and Egg Breakfast Burrito might also hit the spot especially if we replaced the scramble with jammy eggs, and added crispy bacon. By the way, this could actually be an excellent make-ahead breakfast if you have the flour tortillas and whole avocados ready, then batch-prep soft-boiled eggs and a sheet pan full of Joseph's Best Easy Bacon Recipe to reheat when morning rolls around. After your alarm rings, all that’s left to do is lay out the tortilla, slice or dice the avocado while you warm up a couple of eggs and slices of bacon, then layer it all together before wrapping and rolling.

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